Monday, May 9, 2011

Dating 5-9-11

And I'm back to feast. Well, kind of a feast. I'm emailing 4 or 5 women from the internet and the one from Chattanooga calls me occasionally. Unfortuately, there are problems with each of them. Why can't one be perfect?  Also, I say 4 or 5 because I really only hear from three of them regularly and two of them are uncertain. I'm thinking two maybes might be one yes?

Anyway, the three regulars are from Kentucky, Atlanta, and Nashville. The one from Nashville has kids younger than I'd like, the one from Atlanta is nice, but we have NOTHING in common as far as I can tell, and the one from Kentucky... well, to be blunt, she reminds me too much of my mom. The other two... One is from Alabama and I met her once. In fact, she's the golf ball girl if you've been reading my previous posts. She's dating someone closer to home, but has agreed to keep corresponding with me, and I find that I like this arrangement. I don't hope for more, but I wouldn't say no either, if you know what I mean.

Oh, yeah, there's another one from Murfreesboro that kind of off again on again emails me. She might have called me today on my cell, but if that was her, she didn't leave a message. I'm always getting calls and texts for the previous owner of that number, so I don't automatically answer when I get a call. Also, I leave the phone on vibrate when I'm at work [that's the rule, after all], and then often forget to put it back on ring later. Now that I think about it, I'm on vibrate now and the phone is in the other room. I gave her my number, but asked her to leave a message if I didn't pick up.

I want perfect. Or anway, perfect for me. I don't want to settle for Ms. Right Now. I want someone with a similar background to me so we can communicate. Someone that I can respect, but not someone that does not respect me. THAT can be tricky... I dated a PhD last year, and we had issues, so I'm thinking I'd rather date someone that has, at most, a graduate degree maybe?

Also, I don't want someone that is more social than I am. She'd be dragging me to parties and I'd just want to shoot myself. THAT can't be good for a relationship. I've seen that sort of thing in others.


  1. It sounds like you have definite "wants" and "dont't wants," but you are having a hard time finding the one that fills the "wants" column. I like what you said about someone "perfect for me" and not settling for "Ms. Right Now." Man, can I relate! I want someone that is capable of loving me despite all my faults. I want respect, just as you do. How can wanting those two things be so hard to find in one person? You will not believe how many men I've run into that can't even fulfill one of those requirements. But, he's out there. I know he is. And she's out there for you, too. Don't give up the search and keep the faith. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I almost forgot my third "want". Honesty. That seems to also be hard to find. I'd probably seriously think about marriage if I found love, respect, and honesty in one man.