Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dating 6-5-11

I think I'm back in famine again, or anyway, I seem to be only exchanging emails with one woman ["L"] that may want to go on a date. I actually emailing several regularly, but all but one have made their non-dating interests clear. I'm still trading emails with Golf and she told me the name of her boyfriend in a recent email so I'm sure now that her "I'm dating someone closer to where I live" email was not merely an excuse.

I let my subscription to eHarmony lapse. I was going to renew it when I found out that I would get a better rate [about $15 per month instead of $30], but then I found out that there were several hidden conditions. I contacted the eHarmony help desk and they were.... less than helpful.

L contacted me from OK Cupid. I would normally not recommend this site because it's free and I tend to think serious people would logically prefer the pays and non-serious people [for example, married people] would naturally gravitate to the free sites, but I've had a few prospects from Cupid. I normally don't like it when women contact me. They are often not very good matches. Some are obviously looking for some sort of sugar daddy. That's not what I want.

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