Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dating 7-24-11

Remember that land mine I was talking about? Well, I stepped on it, so it's back to famine again. L and I had a kind of mini-fight in her car after she picked me up for lunch at work Monday and I told her that I didn't really want to see her as often as she wanted to see me. I had been thinking we'd just spend part of every weekend together, and she was apparently thinking we'd be seeing each other many weeknights as well. She apologized for being mean later, and then the next email was the dreaded "Do you just want to be friends?" I thought she had given it some thought, and of course I knew I had, so I answered yes, and now I don't have a girl friend again. I'm not very upset about it, and I wasn't upset about the thing she apologized for either. One should be honest about feelings, right?

We're still exchanging emails and we met at Calypso's this weekend for dinner. We talked about our next dating opportunities and plans.... She's on Match and Cupid, and of course I'm only on Cupid. I have a Match profile, but it's hidden. I haven't bothered to hide my Cupid account because I get so few contacts. Of course, that was before L, so maybe I'll have to revise that opinion? I had always thought that the "serious" people were all on the pay sites like Match. Apparently not.

I wish her well in her search, and I plan to help her if she asks me for advice or whatever. Not that I expect her to ask me for anything, but who knows?

One thing I did notice was that she was less willing to compromise on her beliefs and plans at Calypso than she had been before the "let's be friends" email. No surprise, right? Another thing was that we had been talking about going to the Star Trek convention next weekend, but now that's not going to happen. She had apparently thought it was something I wanted and I had thought it was something SHE wanted... So, anyway, that was either a communications breakdown or some other problem right there.


  1. I'm sorry things did not work out with L, but there's nothing wrong with having another friend.