Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6

I got up early today because I went to bed early last night. I never do that, but I was tired and it's the weekend, so why not? I wonder if most people would have went out and found a party to attend instead? That's the impression I always got from TV: the world is just FULL of extroverts, and nobody ever gets tired of being around other people. I always found that hard to live up to.

Working on putting a router on my computer. I haven't finished it yet becuase I'm worried about the built in wireless function. I can't turn it off and I don't need or want it. I think everyone must have gone wireless when I wasn't looking, but I prefer a physical connection between my devices [I guess I would say I prefer to be "wired"?] due to security issues and because I only have a couple of electronic devices that need internet connection. I'm not trying to run a printing / data processing / marketing company out of my house.

I have some Spanish homework to do. It's Spanish I, so I already know most or all of it, but it's school and I feel like I have to do my best. I almost stopped thinking that way with engineering in college. Freshman year was so EASY, and then sophmore year was more like what I expected, and then some of my junior year classes were so much harder. School work was no longer easy and I missed that from high school... maybe that's what I like most about my current spanish class. The work is easy.  

Superbowl party later at one of Chuck's friends' houses. I suppose he's my friend now as well [?], but I don't claim people as friends just because I've me them a few times. I'm not sure what all of the qualifications are [for me to say someone is a friend], but one of them is that I have to know that that person believes it. That means I usually wait for them to say it, but it could also be a decision made after enough time has passed and we've met enough times. I like to be accurate when describing my aquaintenances, so I refer to them as friends, friend of friends, coworkers, or associates.

I don't really care who wins the superbowl. I'm planning to go to the party because I'm not a very social person and therefore I force myself to do things like this [parties, school, volunteering, etc] as a kind of therapy or something. I'm not sure what that's called. I aware of my flaws and I do try to fix the ones I can.

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