Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9th

Again, I have no real clue what all I want to write about. Chuck is leaving at the end of this month... I thought he never would. He always talked about it, and then didn't do it, much like several other people I know. I'm not referring to anyone currently reading this blog, of course!  :-)

It's not that I'm glad to see him go. I'll certainly miss our Halo games, and I've known Chuck for.... what? 10 years? I've been with the state about that long and I met him while I was still in Jackson.

Still working on various issues related to my unwelcome,door kicking guest[s] last month. I doubt I'll ever be really "done" with it, but it's amazing how much time it takes just to get a couple of doors fixed and figure out the value of the items that were stolen. Maybe I should just have told the insurance people what was taken and let them guess how much those thing were worth? At least I'd be done with that part of this process. The last time I dealt with an insurance company paying me was the time I got rear-ended in Colorado. I stopped at the bottom of the hill before merging with oncoming traffic and the SUV behind me didn't. I was driving a clunker at the time, and it was just as drivable after it got  hit, so I drove around looking for a body shop that would let me know how much my car had been worth. Most of them didn't want to help me, but one did, and so I knew the money I got for the accident [about $1200] was the right amount. It would have saved me some time not to checked around first, but of course I had no way to know that the insurance people were going to be fair about the whole thing.

I finally figured out how to turn off my wireless portion of my wireless router. It was SO much easier than I thought! I thought it was hard becuase, as usual with me and electronic devicss, I was trying to do something from the wrong menu.... As for why I needed that function turned off, well, I just needed the landline [or is that called the "hard wire?" or possibly "that yellow cable thing that goes from my modem to the router?"] and I don't like the idea of giving my neighbors free internet [using MY address! especially if they start donig something that could get me in trouble!], so that was high on my list of things to do right after I discovered I couldn't buy an non-wireless router. Well, not a Radio Shack, anyway. Maybe I should have tried eBay, but I just don't trust that yet.

Hiller guy came out and did the obligatory heat pump tune up thing. I have to have those every year that I want to keep my warranty active, and it seems a small price to pay to keep a $7000 system running smooth. Yeah, they talked me into one of the delux models, what with the tax rebate and it was time for me to get a new system anyway. Compressor motor is supposed to run forever, and I know my electric bills have gone down since it was installed. Not sure how much because I got distracted and haven't been keeping the right records....

Snow seems to have stopped. I think I got about an inch. I plan to ride the bus in tomorrow. I usually do, but even if I had considered the car this time, I would have had to think twice about how I was going to be able to get the car back up my hill. The hill was a great thing during the floods last Summer, but a pain in the neck when there's ice.

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