Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yeah, I know, I wasn't going to name these things by days. The thing is, I feel like this is going to be one of my general posts, so there's no reason not to give it a general title. I think it's better when I don't have a theme. More relaxing.

I get off early on Wednesdays so I got off the bus at Captain D's and had my usual 2 piece and then did the usual walk home thing. It's a mile.... I feel like I'm burning off more of the meal that way and therefore I'm closer to being healthy. I don't always go to D's on Wednesday, but now that I'm doing the school thing on Tuesday, I had to re-organize a bit. Tuesdays are extremely busy now, and sometimes I think I shouldn't even log on because I get home so late.

I think my cat is jealous of the time I spend on the computer. She stays in the room with me, and she was doing something earlier..... I forget what, but I remember thinking I should spend more time with her. Her name is Chuy and I got her from the Humane Association. She doesn't like other cats and ended up back at the Association when her previous humans moved. She might have been on sale when I got her... some of the cats were $10 instead of the usual $75. I picked her because she reminds me of my first cat.

Working on dating again. I find myself spending a ridiculous amount of time thinking about that. What am I doing wrong? What else can I try? What do I really want, anyway? The last one was actually harder to solve than I thought. Right now, I want an "occasional" girlfriend who'll give me space and of course I would do the same for her. We'd have lives apart from each other AND lives with each other. Maybe see each other once or twice a week. I think that probably sounds shallow, but it seems so ideal to me right now.

I find myself worrying about what I write in this thing due to identity theft issues. Not sure if I should do that, but I am a big believer in better safe than sorry.

I'm watching Watchman again while I exercise. I saw it in the theater when it came out. Unfortunately, I went with a friend from work, and he hated the whole male nudity thing. It's the way movies are going now. That's the new thing... I remember reading about the uproar when Gone with the Wind had "Damn." I can only shake my head and sigh. 

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